Who am I?

I'm so glad you found my blog.  It seems like crickets are chirping at night when I write. 
Me?  I teach third grade in good ol' Georgia.  Taught first, but love third.  This year, I mainly teach science and social studies.  EXPERIMENTS!  I'm sure you've already figured that much out.  ;)  So I love when the kids slip up and call me mama.  But I hate to push in a chair.  Sometimes I just sit on their desks.  They move.  Usually.  I always stand on a table on the first day of school.  I try to tie it into a history lesson... It's a stretch, I know, but it sure does make them think I'll do ANYthing.  Plus, the look on their faces is priceless.  I don't argue over pencils and I give out my weight in erasers.  I try not to call home when the erasers go flying across the classroom.  I'm sure it was an accident.  Erasers slip out of my hand all the time.  I have a science club.  We hijacked the principal and went to the local recycling center.  Hmmm... kids do realize that coke doesn't come from a brown glass bottle.  Ooopsy!  Hope that doesn't make the highlights at the dinner table.  When the door shuts at 8:10, I turn into some kind of super human.  Its a good thing too.  My kids love it. 

Smile when the kids are looking.  And they are always looking.  And take time to realize that life is good.  These kids need that too.

Stop and Smell the Roses Children...  

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