Friday, November 23, 2012

What am I doing?!?

Three weeks ago I got this idea to start a teacher's blog.  So I did.  I look back at what I posted and I'm wondering what I was thinking.  I thought I could just open an account, type a little and TADA!!!!!  Hmmm.... guess it doesn't work that way!  Kuddos to all my fellow teacher bloggers for the hours of work it takes to figure out what you are doing!  I don't live with regrets, so I'm not erasing those crazy first few posts, but I will certainly laugh at my mistakes!  Thanks to Teaching Blog Addict for ALL thier helpful advice. 

I can't believe how many teaching blogs are out there!  I feel like I've discovered a hidden world, and I'm totally addicted.  Reading other blogs gives me such inspiration.  I'm excited to build my followers and to share some of the teaching practices that I have!  SO excited to be a part of this teacher community!

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