Sunday, January 27, 2013

Top FREE Apps for Elementary Science Teachers

Teach Science?  Want some cool interactive and FREE apps to use?  Check these out!  The last one is my latest discovery and I'm fascinated with it!  I can't wait until I teach animal adaptations for birds' beaks!  This will be perfect!

Dinosaur:  American Museum of Natural History

Take your class on a virtual fieldtrip to this museum!  See tons of dinosaur fossils and find out about their history.  Boys will surely become young paleontologists as they love digging through this collection.  My favorite:  Styracosaurus albertensis from Red Deer River region in Alberta, Canada, about 75 million years old! discovered in 1915. 
I had the opportunity last summer to visit the Natural History Museum for Children in London and was completely AMAZED to see real fossils!  This small town gal had never seen anything remotely like it.  It made me realize that if I hadn't, my kids certainly had not!  Since I can't pack them up and Miss Frizzle them up to Washington, D.C. from Georgia... this is the next best thing!

Google Earth

Wow!  Begin by seeing the entire world and zoom little by little all the way down to the front door of your school!  Crazy!  (Check out your own driveway, too!)  Super cool way to teach geography and scale!
I can stop trying to layer pictures of the United States, Georgia and our hometown into some -not so convincing graphic- production to try to get them to visualize the scale!  This is SO much better!

My newest fav!
Wildlab Bird
I've only used the preview mode and it is loaded with fancy options!  Begin by choosing your habitat- woodland, coastal, wetland or grassland and then select a structure style- such as:  owl-like, hawk-like, heron-like, etc.  Pictures of SOOOOO many birds pop up and you can even hear recordings of their calls and see their locations mapped out! 
My husband's a duck hunter and our little one year old girl walks around saying "duck" all the time!  She was just as amazed as I was with the sounds and pictures!  Quack, Quack!

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