Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It WILL be CC based...

So my kids are still doing that Let Me Outta Here dance, which is a shame because we still have another EIGHT days!  Oh my.  Trying to reteach from our magnets assessment and keep them entertained has been a monumental task this week.  But no fear, I have a plan.  A common core based plan.  ELACC3W7 says the kiddos need to do short research projects.  So, yesterday I taught them how to create an outline using our magnets knowledge.  It was a HUGE hit!  Who knew third graders were fascinated with Roman numerals?  We created one together, reviewing our content on magnets as we went.  Then over to the side, I did a quick impromptu outline on reindeer to tie into the holiday spirit and these kids were hooked!  

Next, I sat at my computer and they gathered around me (we projected it on the smartboard), and we typed a paragraph from the outline.  One of my boys said, "So that's the secret you grown ups have been keeping!  No wonder y'all can write so much!".....  :) 

So my next unit is pollution... I think I'll start with an outline!

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